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Herb Market Botanicals

“Plant based skincare for nutritious skin.”

About The Company

We are in the middle of a change, where people are searching to find their path of wholeness and want to provide their lifestyle with only the healthiest of choices. Herb Market does not only commit to providing you with all natural, high-quality skincare; we’re also dedicated to bridging your current self to the mind and body you deserve.


Founded by a holistic nutritionist and wellness advocate, Herb Market Botanicals is a natural skin and body care company committed to using only 100% natural, effective, high-quality ingredients. Our formulas help promote pure nourishment for the body, mind and soul.

Our Philosophy – We’ll build out a path to help you achieve your optimal self naturally, just as nature intended.

Whether you are looking to maintain the youthful energy your skin already projects, or want to see more of your natural radiant glow appear, we’re creating products specifically for you.

Each product follows our three guiding principles:
Nutritious care for your skin.0%

Tried, tested, and true. We promise to provide nutritious care for your skin, with noticeable results.

Natural ingredients0%

A deeper dive into our ingredients. You’ll have access to the unique benefits of each ingredient within your products. Each ingredient serves its own unique, effective purpose.

Optimal product quality0%

Ensure consistency is delivered. By creating your product in small batches, you’ll re-live the experience every single time you apply it.

Why do we believe in this approach?

If you use a certain product daily, think about what your body is really absorbing on a day-to-day basis. The toxicity of an ingredient is about the amount that is absorbed into the skin and also its accumulation. Many conventional skincare products are filled with toxic ingredients, chemical fillers and emulsifiers that go unnoticed, and long-term use can actually lead to an array of various health issues. At Herb Market, each of our ingredients are carefully selected based on its nourishing and therapeutic properties to serve a unique purpose of their own. Our skin is the largest living organ, which we have the ability to see, analyze, protect and improve. You only want the very best for your body, so let your skin craft the story of the healthy choices you make.

Our products are never tested on animals. It’s important to keep your products securely away from your furry friends, what works for us, does not work for them.


About the Founder

“When I was thinking of what type of product I wanted to make for people, I thought of what was important to me. I wanted to change the way people cared for their skin by introducing effective, natural, and result driven skin care.”

As a natural healthcare practitioner, I continue to study and learn the importance of using only pure and natural ingredients for both food and skin. Originally blogging holistic recipes, I had discovered a drive within myself I felt aligned to; giving people the tools and knowledge about a natural lifestyle. As my interest evolved into different areas of the human body, skincare struck a chord with me, and I wanted to allocate my learnings and concepts of holistic health into skincare. The approach I was looking for was simple – I’ll focus on fewer ingredients, with higher concentration, to get optimal results. I’ll create trust in the process of natural healing, and encourage everyone not be afraid to go back to basics by trusting the healing power of purity. – Melissa Stephanie

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