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Herb Market Botanicals products are made and packaged with love and care in Ontario, Canada. The skincare products are meticulously formulated by the founder, a registered holistic nutritionist, with a passion for natural and holistic living.

Each of our products are freshly prepared in our studio for ultimate potency, and batch-code dated for full traceability.

We will update a stockist section on the site to display a full list of stores, when available.

We are not certified organic, though we are constantly improving our ingredient sourcing in regards to quality and ethics. Each of our products do contain organic ingredients, though not every single ingredient is organic, with the exception of our Ultra Hydrate organic body butter. We put a lot of time and care into sourcing our ingredients, and are always improving the selection of our suppliers. Every product has a full ingredient list which clearly shows which ingredients are organic.

Each of our products have been lab tested stable for 6 months after opening, though can be sooner if exposed to sunlight, air or moisture. Products made with plant derived carrier oils and essential oils should be stored in a cool and dark place to maintain freshness and maximum shelf life. If a product changes in smell or consistency, it is best advised to discard use as the product may no longer benefit you.

Skin and HEalth:

Our Ultra Hydrate organic body butter is formulated with four organic, skin-soothing ingredients. Free of any essential oils, it is most suitable for sensitive skin. The ingredients in our butter have also been found to effectively help those with eczema and severely dehydrated skin. For optimal absorption, always apply on damp skin.

The Daily Nourish antioxidant facial oil is also formulated without essential oils, and safe for sensitive skin. The oils work together to provide pronounced anti-inflammatory properties, and helps combat redness.

Though these two products are natural and free of essential oils, a sensitivity to one of the ingredients is still possible. Ensure to first perform a patch test, and if irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

Though all of our products are natural and toxin free, we do use essential oils in some of our products, so we advise to always check with your healthcare practitioner to decide on what is safe for you. It is important to find out which essential oils are safe to use for each stage of your pregnancy.

The selected oils used in our skincare formulations are non-comedogenic, meaning they will not clog your pores or cause increased oiliness. Most of the oils contain balancing properties for the skin, so both dry, and oily skin types will benefit.

Currently, we have not added a liquid or oil-based cleanser to the line, though we hope to introduce one in the near future. We do however carry a konjac facial cleansing sponge, infused with activated bamboo charcoal to cleanse the face.

Holistic Skincare

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